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Welcome to My Space: Where Web Development Meets Gardening

Hello and thanks for visiting! I'm Andi, a dedicated senior frontend developer from the beautiful South-West of Germany. I'm all about creating smooth and engaging web experiences with React, JavaScript, TypeScript, and CSS. But there's more to me than just code – I'm also an avid gardener, finding parallels between nurturing plants and developing robust websites.

My Journey in Web Development and Gardening

Connecting Online and in the Garden

While you'll find me coding and sharing knowledge across various online platforms, I also take time to step away from the screen and connect with nature in my garden. This balance keeps me creative and inspired:

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Beyond the Code: Community, Nature, and Creativity

I love blending my coding skills with my passion for gardening. It's not just about nurturing plants; it's about nurturing ideas and relationships, whether it's through mentoring budding developers or collaborating on innovative projects.

Let's Grow Together!

Whether you're into tech, gardening, or both, I'm eager to connect. Explore my site, follow me on my various channels, and let's share our journeys in both web development and the natural world.

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