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Back2Roots - My static site generator

To bootstrap this blog, I wanted to do something new. Far away from the new hotness of static site generators like Gatsby or Next.js.


I wanted to do something simple, but at the same time, I wanted to learn new things about Node and TypeScript!

So I came up with Back2Roots which is a Node-based static site generator using Markdown and Twig as a templating language. Of course, the feature list is far more reduced than it would be for any existing generator, but while working on Back2Roots I learn about Node and TypeScript.

So, in the end, I'm building my new blog with a new, custom tool that I've to build on my own while learning new things. So what can I expect more?

Back2Roots is an open-source project. Feel free to fork and adapt it to your needs or let me know about feature requests or bug reports!

TypeScript + Node + Markdown + Twig

The project is based on Node with TypeScript from the ground up. The actual static site generation happens via

  1. parsing the markdown files via markdown-it
  2. setup Twig infrastructure via twig.js
  3. passing the markdown data through the Twig instance which generates the final HTML files

It's open-source!

The project is published on Github under MIT License.