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Homeoffice - Intro

There is mostly one dominant business topic during the pandemic called "homeoffice" aka. working from home.

In this series of blogposts, I would like to bring in my feelings and ideas that I gathered over the last five years working from home. Might be that there is something helpful for you, at least that is the reason I decided to do this series of blogposts.

The topics will be:

  1. Where do you (physically) work? What is your setup?

  2. When do you work? How do you structure your day? Do you structure at all?

  3. How do you work? What are your tools and methods?

  4. Why do you work from home? Besides all the pandemic reasons? What are the benefits, what are the drawbacks?

I'm looking forward to this series as it is at the same time a good retrospective for reviewing my last five years at work.

In the meantime: For German readers I can link you to a blogpost I wrote three years ago thus after two years of remote work.

The next part of this series will be available in the upcoming days.