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Andreas Sander

Frontend Developer since 2012 with a hobby as gardener.


Saarland University

2010 - 2012

Master of Science in Computer Science

Saarland University

2004 - 2011

I started by studying to become a teacher for grammar schools, specialising in computer science and mathematics. I completed all the necessary qualifications for a possible 1st state examination. However, due to personal doubts about my suitability as a teacher, I switched to the bachelor's system with computer science as my main subject and maths as a minor subject and initially graduated with a bachelor's degree.

Side Projects

I believe in the Fediverse and would like to make a contribution in the form of my own Mastodon server. The instance has been around for several years.

Same motivation as Mastodon is having my own blogging writefreely platform.

I have used to be an organizing part in the #coderdojo movement since 2016. Lately I changed gears from organizaton to mentoring-only.

It is amazing what young people come up with as their projects and it is great to give some experience back to the youth.

Work Experience

Digital Science GmbH

2016 - present

Frontend Developer

Actively developing, maintaining Dimensions and related web products.

Moltomedia GmbH & Co.KG

2012 - 2015


Responsible for front-end development with PHP, CSS JavaScript, Typo3


A11Y, Section 508, WCAG AA
Gitlab CI