🌱 Back to roots


End of 2020, I started streaming and putting videos on YT as an experiment.

I wanted to find out about the workflows behind it and whether it would help to promote my personal brand.

Personal brand

Personal brand logo with hand-written lettering 'Andi' and '1984' written in  90-style clunky, digital font-face.

Many thanks to Salvatore who designed me a logo out of my nickname "andi1984" that I use on social media and various platforms.


I started putting some videos first on YouTube. Mostly about some CSStopics like Specificity or Flexbox.


Then I started streaming on Twitch. In the beginning, I mixed tech and game streams as I anyhow played games with friends, but I think I will move on solely streaming tech topics to get the expectations right that this is mainly a tech channel.


I regularly stream every Tue, 7pm CET. Currently this stream is dedicated to learning TypeScript based on Stefan's book TypeScript in 50 lessons. A dedicated thanks to Stefan and the Smashing Magazine for allowing me to stream this learning process based on the book.


After 20+ hours of streaming and several videos on YouTube, I got a first, initial sense of what it is about streaming and being a video, content creator.

But there are so many different things like stream overlays, the Youtube algorithm that I would have to learn.

In the end I am just doing it for fun and I will keep doing so as long this fun lasts.

See you on Twitch and Youtube,